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Saturday, May 11, 2013

5 Indonesian male singers distinctive character and is so difficult to be forgotten

Judika, or whose full name is Judith Sihotang Nalon Abadi, born in Sidikalang, North Sumatra, August 31, 1978. He is a popular singer as a runner-up winner of Indonesian Idol 2. In his personal life, a relationship with Judith Runner up I Puteri Indonesia 2007, the Duma Riris Silalahi.

Mid-2011, Judith who had expressed any desire to be a boy band digaet by musician Ahmad Dhani to be the new vocalist named Mahadeva. Thus, at this time Judith has officially become one of the citizens of the Kingdom of Love.

Elfonda "Once"
Mekel Elfonda Once popularly known by the name; born in Makassar, May 21, 1970 is a singer from Indonesia who had been popularly known as the vocalist of the band Dewa.
In junior high school when replacing a vocalist in a band festival, and since then he started dabbling in the world of music. After graduating high school, Once has become a semi-professional singer who gets paid. His band singer ever accompany such Purnamasari Ita.

1989, Once accepted as a student at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia. During college he also joined the band. Once joined with Andy Liany, Ronald, and Pay form Fargat 27, and released the album "A Thousand Angan". 1993, Once impaired vocal cords, so he decided to quit as a singer.

In 2000, Once Dewa 19 officially joined as vocalist. This time their group by the name of God alone.

Kaka Slank
Kaka Slank has Akhadi Wira Satriaji full name, was born in Jakarta, March 10, 1974. He was one of the music group, Slank, where he became the vocalist.
Slank itself is a band that has always existed spawned her albums starting in 1983 until today. This group was originally a musical group comprised of high school kids Education Cikini, Jakarta, comprising Ben Setiawan (drums), Boy (guitar), Kiki (guitar), Abi (bass), Uti (vocals) and Well Welly (vocals) .

Kaka himself is the husband of the woman named Natascha, who currently has a child, Chaska Satriaji.

Ari Lasso
Ari Bernardus Lasso, or better known as Ari Lasso was born in Madiun, East Java, January 17, 1973 was Indonesian pop singer. He has been listed as the vocalist of the band Dewa 19 (1991-1998) that he finally came out and a career as a solo singer.

Ari 2001 issued his first solo album Me First, which was also a huge success with its flagship song Divine Mysteries.
In 2003 he re-released his second album Balance. On this album he took great musicians like Ahmad Dhani, Piyu (Rice), Andra (Dewa), Bebi Romeo, Ricky FM, Marshal (Dr. PM).
In 2004 he released his third album I see, I hear, I think, where one of his songs sound track to a movie with the same title, Chasing the Sun.
Ari issued his fourth album entitled "Always There" in 2006. On this album, the song Last Love mainstay.
In 2007, Ari released the album "The Best of" with one of his songs, I and Love, where Ari duet with bunga Citra Lestari.

Glenn Fredly 

Glenn Fredly Deviano Latuihamallo or known by the name of Glenn Fredly, born in Ambon, Maluku, 30 September 1975 is an Indonesian singer.

Early career began when he became a vocalist "Funk Section". In 1995 (a year after he graduated high school in 1994) Funk Section launched an exclusive album is packaged nicely. Three years later, Glenn sang solo and launched an album titled GLENN to capitalize 8 songs. In this album there are 3 songs that are sung by Glenn that "You" and "Enough Already" and "CARS MAMA" which became hits in Malaysia.

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