story on: Be Careful, It's Too Negative Impacts If Loving Lover

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Be Careful, It's Too Negative Impacts If Loving Lover

Loving lover is very reasonable. But the status is still dating, love also there needs to be limits. Often because too love you to sacrifice time, family, friends and even his own feelings. Before you hurt yourself, check again whether the 4 mark from Madame Noire quoted and cited below uyestore of walipop, there on you?

1.      Have No Social Life  
It is not wise if you always spend time together with the prospective lover or lover. This will only make you look very 'easy' obtained by it. Spending time together each week is enough and try to still have a social life separate. 
2.      override Family
Many women who are in a love relationship lover is more concerned than his family. You also prefer to go with a partner than attending a big family event with my family members. You need to remember, the family must still be prioritized because they are always there in any condition. 
3.      Willing to cite Assistant
When he's often asked for help to settle his affairs, you have to remember you are a girlfriend status and not his assistant. Give a clear warning to him, and let him prove himself if indeed deserve to be your companion, not a boss.
4.      Show off Intimacy
You must be happy when your loved doing romantic things by sending flowers or other gifts to buy, but that does not mean it all can be told to everyone. Would be understandable if you are a new partner, but will look disturbing if you always 'showing off' about it. Would not it be better if you and your partner a secret?

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