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Saturday, May 25, 2013

expression of love

Words of love - Here is a collection of words of love from various sources on the internet that depict the beauty of love and the stories that are created. The word love is given to you who are in love or feeling love right hit on Saturday in the evening.

when night came I looked at the starry sky, wish I was in the clouds, feel the caress of affection, that I adore you, you are me longingly. my heart is empty without you, without pelukmu I'm tormented. love in dinginnyamalam want me to hold you till the end of time Takan time I felt bored, waiting for my love in my heart is gray.

If tomorrow morning before,
I would challenge the sun woke from his deep sleep ..
Because I'm the only light that will be able to warm his cold heart.

Why run in the dark? Moderate fog did not want to part. Let it all go, I do not even want to dream. Although this longing is created for you.

Although today you carve a wound in my heart. I will still love you like I loved you yesterday.

If God still gave me the opportunity to live longer,
I just wanted to go through it with you dear.

Love is the most beautiful gift of God, I knelt down and prayed to God, and finally I found the most beautiful grace that is You.

Your face does not make me surrender, can not make me smile tersipuh, except sincerity love that makes my heart in your heart to its knees.

I could find you in a crowd with ears and eyes closed. That's because I was looking for with my heart.

Ok. Not much can I write here. And to cover this and deliver the word love on a bed accept offerings from this author

"God if tonight you give me a chance to dream in my sleep tonight, and when appropriate to ask ourselves is, I just wish it was her dream"


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