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Monday, May 13, 2013

Five Finger Prayer

This finger is closest to you, when you're folding hands and pray. So start praying for people who are very familiar and close to you. Please list the names of those you know well. For CS. Lewis, pray for those we love is "a sweet duty."

index finger
The next finger is the index finger. Pray for those who teach. These include ministers, teachers, doctors, and other educators. They need support and wisdom, in order to show the right direction for those who need their services. Pray for them always.

middle finger
This is the highest finger, means we have to remember the nation's leaders. Pray for the president to officials below. Pray for the leaders of social organizations and businesses. They often affect our nation and guide public opinion. They really need help from Him.

ring finger
The fourth finger is the weakest finger. Well, the piano teacher was usually quite confused when dealing with the weak fingers. Therefore, let us pray for our brothers and sisters are weak, hit by disaster, and others. We pray for those who are regarded as scum. They desperately need your prayers, both day and night. But, not just prayer, you know!

little finger
This last finger is the smallest among human fingers. This is the finger that describes our attitude should be humble when dealing with God and others. So, do not forget to pray for themselves, in order to have the fruit of the spirit and emulate the life of our Lord.
My final advice, "When you pray for the four groups above, you have to put your personal needs in a proper perspective, so that you can pray for yourself more effectively again."


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  3. I can't speak or write english well.. SO, I can't understand what you mean..

    #ya, sekiranya begitulah.

    1. tak apa lah. tapi makasih atas kunjungannya bro

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  5. met malem...hepi wiken for you fren...

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