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Monday, May 13, 2013

Half An Hour

As usual Gultom, branch head at a leading private company in Batam, arrived at his home at 9 pm. Not as usual, Elvin, whose first son was only in second grade who opened the door. He seems to have waited long enough.
"Why, do not sleep?" Gultom greeted her with a kiss.
Typically, Elvin was already asleep when he came home and new awake when he would leave for work early morning.
Papa as he followed her into the living room, Elvin replied, "I'm waiting for Papa home. Because I want to ask how much is the salary Papa? "
"Well, oddly enough, wondering why Papa salary? Want to ask for money again, huh? "
"Ah, baseball. Want to know wrote. "
"Okay. You should count yourself. Every day Papa worked about 10 hours and are paid Rp 400.000, -. And every month an average of 25 working days counted, So, Papa salary in a month how, behold? "
Elvin ran to get paper and a pencil from a desk, while daddy took off his shoes and turned on the television. When Gultom moved to the room to change clothes, Elvin ran follow.
"If one day Papa paid Rp 400.000, - for 10 hours, then an hour Papa paid Rp 40.000, - dong," he said.
"Well, you're clever. Already, now wash feet, sleep, "Gultom command.
Elvin but did not move.
While watching daddy changing clothes, Elvin again asked, "Daddy, can I borrow money Rp 5.000, - what?"
"It's, do not have all sorts again. Why ask for money this time of night? Papa tired. And take a bath first. Go to sleep. "
"But, Papa ..." Patience Gultom exhausted.
"Papa told me to sleep!" Barked surprising Elvin.
The little boy was turned towards his room. After bathing, seemed to regret hardikannya Gultom, Elvin He looked in his bedroom. Dear son was not asleep. Elvin he found sobbing softly into Rp 15.000, - in his hands.
As I lay down and stroked the little boy's head, Gultom said, "Sorry Dad, son. Elvin dear papa same. Why the hell asked for money this time of night? If you want to buy toys, tomorrow is it could. Instead of Rp 5,000, - more than it was Papa love. "
"Papa, I'm not asking for money. I borrowed. I'll return when it's saving more than spending money during this week. "
"Yes, yes, but for what?" Gultom said softly.
"I waited from 8 Papa. I want to invite Papa playing snakes and ladders. Half an hour. Mama used to say that when Papa was very valuable. So, I want to buy when Papa. I open my savings, there is Rp 15.000, -. But as Papa says Papa hour paid Rp 40.000, -, then half an hour should be Rp 20.000, -. Less money savings Rp 5.000, -. So I want to borrow from Papa, "Elvin said innocently.


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