story on: how to manage your time well and wisely

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

how to manage your time well and wisely

1.       Plan your day each morning to write down the things you must do. Mark any work that has been completed on that day.
2.       Do not visit friends before first giving the news to him or contact him by phone.
3.       Always keep a pen, paper, and a notebook in your shirt pocket, to record any plans to do.
4.       Plan your time and try to break that coincided with the times of prayer.
5.       Make the time to read, memorize, and other positive work.
6.       If you make a promise, then affirm that both parties have agreed to the time, place, and address decisively.
7.       Estimate the long journey to the promised place and add some time (read: minutes), as caution over things that are unexpected so it can get on time.
8.       Prepare the tools / references required is yours before starting any work, whether the work was cooking (for mothers), or writing a paper, or preparing lectures, or other work.
9.       Stay away from people who like to steal your time with selfish attitude.
10.   Do not take the decision to go in order to finish a job if possible be solved by writing a letter / contact him by phone.
11.   If there is some need small / there are several items that must be purchased, then make a note in the list that contains all these purposes.
12.   Take time for your family just for eating, shopping or on holiday together

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