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Friday, May 17, 2013

Love Without Words

One day, I was treated to eat noodles at a noodle shop famous. The price is not expensive, but it's very tasty at all. We sat at the long table that can accommodate about ten people around the table when. Table already filled six people. Me, my friend and four visitors. As she ate, a newly arrived family sitting near us. Exactly in between my friends and other visitors. They have been ordered and are waiting for noodles. The family consists of a husband and wife who are still young and a boy of about six years.
Their families are far from simple. Rather dull and smelly clothes. The child apparently just recovered from an illness that we do not know and are pulling in and out of his nose. His nose was like the number eleven and sometimes like a one with greenish yellow color. Mother lovingly wiping snot out of the nose does not stop her. The couple was very happy to see her son playing with a laugh. Looks like eating noodles is a celebration to welcome his recovery. When the family came to eat noodles with gusto. The state does not apply to all of us except my friends. For the five of us (including me) is a state of disaster and persecution. Imagine wrote, what it was like eating noodles with family kiss bad body odor. Not to mention see and hear the snot that pulled out in and occasionally cleaned by his mother.
Every time eating noodles while drinking the broth, it was like snot has been mixed with the food and make the appetite is lost. Not long after, the four customers sitting at the table with us to leave the table one by one, without spending food. Seeing there is a sense of bitterness on the faces of young family's. Such as low self-esteem and see attitude alienated me and four other visitors. But it did not last long, especially when they see my friends, the joy they recover. I remain friends with all the cool enjoy noodles. As if there is no smell and no noise surrounding snot is heard.
I can not do much besides studying and spent the rest of the noodles cool. Anyway I was treated to a meal and are not entitled to make things weird and disrespectful. Finished eating, we still sat twenty minutes before leaving the tavern. I surprised with the behavior of my friends outside the habit. Usually after eating, he merely sat the longest ten minutes. Once again I have to follow the will of my friends with annoyance.
Finally we left the shop and came out a young family, I feel relieved. On the way home, my friend said he was very disturbed sat next to the family. He felt a sense of smell and was annoyed with his snot voice. He felt exactly the way I feel. My friend also said that, if he left the family when they are happy, the family will feel devastated, worthlessness, isolation and despair. The husband was giving the best for his family. They rejoice celebrate her recovery. The husband has to spend money that they are quite expensive for the results of the hard work is only to provide the best for his family. The money is not so much for our size, but not for the family.
I was very surprised to hear the narrative of my friends. And do not think my friend has done something extraordinary for the family. With the unique way, survive eating noodles out and wait until twenty minutes after eating, has given a new spirit for the family. I remembered how the taste of bitterness, low self-esteem and alienation in the face of both husband and wife when he saw the other customers left the table without spending my food and see what happens. I also remembered how the pair cheered at the sight of the indifferent attitude of my friend.
First time in my life, I realized how loving one's neighbor and watched without saying something really impossible. It is really a miracle. Enough to continue eating noodles until they run out. Attitude of indifference to me and other visitors who are not commendable. Waiting for twenty minutes after eating. The latter hold a sense of smell to enhance everything you have shown a miracle and carried out by a friend. Miraculous how my friends chide me without saying anything. He did not accuse, but quite a landslide hit me. I feel very upset, embarrassed but not angry. I remind myself how easy it is to say love your neighbor, but do not do it.


  1. Nice story my friend...

  2. sometimes it's easier judging instead of taking the time to understand... Great story ...

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  4. that's a nice post with english language, can you teach me, please !? :D

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    thanks :)

  5. Such a nice story!!

  6. Blogwalking ajjh mas..nice artikel

  7. Hello! Since i was away from blogging couldn't reply you soon! Thanks for stopping by and I heartly appreciate it! This is such an amazing post! (: Let me know if we are following yet or not! Stop by me soon! xx

    With love ❤.


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