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Sunday, May 26, 2013

I was a man who was looking for the meaning of life, meaning breath, which is being studied for the presence and sense of presence for the departure by departure ... I was the guy in the ZERO point in Story blog that does not have what I should have because supposedly ILLAHI lovers just want to have and owned by the God, wanted to be THERE'S NO to the throne of God alone, to live a simple life without clad world.

I am a man who is trying to learn about the meaning of PEACE, PATIENCE meaning, significance and LOVED LOVED, FORGIVE meaning, the meaning of resignation, meaning THERE'S NO-NO-THERE'S NO, is not nobody on earth is eternal, not eternal happy, was not eternal suffering, and I hope what I write here could give a little lesson to love and treat injuries and certainly I was looking for the owner ILLAHI blessing my breath so when I go home, it is easy to breathe his mine.

Nobody ever can stop me writing…
If there were no ink, I would use ash. If there were no ash, I would use stone. If there were no stone, I would use my sweats or my tears or my bloods…
And if my hands were unable to write something anymore, I would beg God to allow me, to ask the sky, to ask the trees or the ocean to help me keep writing my ideas in their silence…

Welcome to share this Story on my blog, hopefully provide shade and softness, may be able to treat wounds, hopefully to make a smile, and beautiful all comes from God, and that one came from me, sorry if the words are less pleased with heart

I am only human

Regards with my sincerely smile,



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