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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Paid To Click with money online

DuitBux is a mutually beneficial business innovation, FREE for members to join, and the bridge between internet users and business owners to promote their products on the "View Ads". NOT a Autosurf site, Multi-Level Marketing, Pyramid, Ponzi, Matrix or applying the "Get Rich Quick"

All you need to do to earn income is as follows: 
Click the "View Ads" after you login. You will be taken to a page of the "Surf Ads". On the list of ads displayed (the number of ads that appear to Member Standard is much less than the number of ads that can be viewed by Premium Members), you click on an ad, and will appear in the windows / new tab in your browser that ad.
You are required to wait until the timer is located on the top of the page to '0 '(Minimum 30 seconds, depending on the price of advertising). Once the timer to 0, the timer numbers changed to 'Check' or a cross ('X') red next to them. The 'Tick' signifies balance you've just increased between Rp 25 s / d Rp 500 (depending on the price of the ad). Sign 'X' is a sign that you failed to get the money you do not grow the balance alias. You'll get red X's when you have more than one ad on the 'View & Click Ads' at the same time. Or you click on other advertisements without waiting for the timer to 0.
Commission received between Rp 25 s / d Rp 500 for each ad / web site that you click / visit for at least 30 seconds, and 50% were performed for each referral click. There is no limit on the number of ads / websites can you or your referrals click / visit. The possibility that money could you get unlimited. If your income balance has reached Rp 10.000, - (a premium) or Rp 20.000, - (standard) or more. You can see the balance on the Status page and request payment to us. Once logged in, your status can be viewed by clicking on the My Stats menu. 
We prioritize service payment via bank transfer BCA, Mandiri and BNI. But we also are also serving the payment to another bank with certain rules and criteria. Your payment request will be processed immediately and the transfer will be done within 2-14 business days. Transfer to an account other than the Bank will be charged will be deducted from your balance. 
You are interested in being a clicker?
Please register and click on the web address or the banner below:

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