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Friday, May 31, 2013

Story Message Of love


Rain :
... It will endure long waiting time the seasons change I get back. Trust me ... this lonely heart, will lonesome presence
Flowers :
Who knows how long I have to wait You make me believe you want me. Actually, what do you want to play with my heart, always alone You give hope to crush you back
If this is yours my love and still present a question for you
How long should I wait for you ....
Dry :
And everything I did wrong was I doing
But that does not mean my love life and not on you
Currently listen for a moment dear They're just a stopover
And maybe I'll fall back on the same fault
Only one wanted my heart
Accept as is me And I will continue to love
because you have made me understand Where should I go back

Flowers :
At the moment I'm stumped without your presence here
You always keep me later for my beliefs to you
If indeed you were born just for me Take my heart and quickly re-
I will be waiting and will die in your embrace I longed enjoy coming to kill me
Rain :

I Will Definitely Return In life
Questioning Back to Love
Not For You Not For Anyone
But For me ...
Because I Want You
It Only ...


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