story on: Story On broken Heart

Monday, May 20, 2013

Story On broken Heart

Sometimes I think we can continue to try
rowing boat we want to unite us
're always just a small mistake harass
like the wind blows hard right wobbly feet

I whispered heard my sister, we try Relieve Chest
upset if you do not paddle our first stop disappearing
if you want to forget me, I do not know whatever power

We would not have been passed flavors never die
At the time I hobbled without you here
You keep me later for this belief

If indeed you were born just for me
Bring back my heart and irritability
I enjoy coming to kill me homesick

held my hand do not mind to waver again remembered
naive self've come let's make love lessons

accept me as I am
honest hearts that we keep
For you all this breath
 From : Story On Love


  1. hmmm. saya suka gaya anda menuliskannya

  2. kata katanya cukup menyentuh dan pernah saya alamai

  3. waduh bahasa Inggris, sebentar mas saya translate dulu yak..
    btw, nice poems, salam sukses selalu mas

  4. nice blog..if you want I am here


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