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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Story On Last Flowers

A week right after you left, I miss cuddling at the end of a murky afternoon, so burning longing to wriggle my niche, but I'm trying to enjoy the water sky collapsed despite their inability to cool the burning my dismay. I know, your crying will not bring you back to me, but in fact, for the umpteenth time I failed to hold back my tears, still broken because only through tears that are now able to tell, how I can not bury my longing for you. Now drizzle and my tears racing, increasingly heavy wetting your tomb is still red. Sincerity has not been able to embrace my heart to let you go completely. Still too heavy, it is very hard for me to release you leave me alone.
You make my departure as running but I lost direction, lost you like a world without light, all the way was dark, and now without you, I like the pigeons lying, because my wings have been broken. Really, now I'm miserable without your love, without your touch poor, barren without your caresses, brittle without your love, I tragically as the poor who live alone without you. Said the last word you wrote the book of your daily, now ringing in memory I, and the last word, teach me to understand, that your departure is destiny. Twist of my life that should be accepted gracefully.
Good bye my dear, thank you for the rainbow that you carve me on the day-to-day, even though we were together for a moment, but so many sweet memories that reigned untain you dilembar scratched my life, and I regret never ever love you. Because you are having the most beautiful gift I've ever had.
I breathe in the cool evening air, I drag my steps away from the bedside of your immortality because twilight has been washed away, and the orange area of ​​the universe has spread its wings, the faint sound of distant sunset call to prayer has reverberated, forcing me end my visit this time your home immortality. Good night my dear, my heart Angel.


  1. I think it's a good story,,
    hee i'm only can speak english a little bit,,
    nice blog

  2. yeah me to. Like Blitari but thanks for visit myblog and it nice artikel too..

  3. asyiik, ntar dulu ya bacanya. lagi nonton final liga champions nih, hehe

  4. nice story hehe...happy blogging

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