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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

whatever the meaning of waiting

My new knowing it if the that word never as light as when pronounced. Now it struck me if it was very requires the struggle for done. Equal with this time where I must waiting for him in the airport. Where is she already promised at me will come for transport me. And let me fly into a town that is located far from him. Let me no longer close to him. To let me fully freelance from him. And also from his heart. I not yet understand whether flavor it will be fully detached and crashing are so alone from my heart. Will ku wait for the arrival top of certainty all of it. Again-again I had to to wait. Again anyway the decision for freelance from him is decision who ku created yourself. 
He, who promised me would be there for me, always makes my heart discussion with my logic. Considering all the risks that would be faced afterwards. Would I be okay or will be rewarded with a sense of confusion that culminated extraordinary. I have to wait to see it all ....
Wait a few months, I find this so distressed. Now, I'm waiting for him to come to me again. But, again, this heart continues discussions with logic. Does it slip that I would come back to me easily? Is the wait will be rewarded me a happiness? Is the wait will culminate at the end of what I expect?
Wait a few more months, at the time I had a growing sense of affection that so great after I release it, came the news that she would soon be married to a lady friend. Now, waiting for a big slap me. It's no longer scary. Is there still any good if now I say my heart and my greatest desire? Apparently not. It has been a while since I last embodied a hope for love. However, I think all of it is enough to wait. And, now I realized that my love waiting for did not come. What is the meaning I was waiting for when he's not in love anymore? All the flavor has gone.
Waiting a year later, now I'm waiting and I'm no longer sad look came to my house with a woman at his side. I survive long on flavor there used to be. Now, the wait seemed meaningless. Now, I can see smiling happy with her ​​life now. Waiting to be more meaningful. Change all the old thinking that poisons the heart and mind. Would no longer waiting for the false love. I'm waiting for mine deserve happiness. And I believe he will come to me at the right time.

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