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Saturday, May 18, 2013

what do you think it's sexy ...

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Georgina Yates pleaded not matter if it's being offered to look sexy in the film. it is the totality of evidence. I want sexy nice if the movie. I had to check out his story, appropriate, and disconnected or not? "Said a girl born in Serang, August 24, 1989 was rhetorical.

Must be comfortable sexy
Before plunging into the world of singing, beautiful singer Maria Aipassa apparently had tested the modeling world. In fact, the singer of the single 'Move On' was once also there in the list of 12 women sensual version of a men's magazine. Never thought that time anyway I can get sexy category, "he added, laughing again. Figure born in Bandung, March 3, 1986, said fine if women want to look sexy." Section comfortable no matter the origin.

Sexy It Yourself Other Side of Me
Chef Chitra definitely a dream of the men. How could I not? In addition to expert cook, a girl born in Jakarta, August 9, 1985 it also has a beautiful face and proportionate body shape. before plunging into the world of cooking he first worked as a model. Who would have thought, the owner 171cm tall and weighing 48kg was apparently never pose sexy for men's magazine.

"Map my first time was just for the men's magazine, and the result was not so bad," he said, laughing. "But after that I have more photos for fashion, though still there's also demand themed photo sexy,"

That sexy expensive, Vulgar It Cheap

But according Cut Meutia singer, a sexiness can be formed from several aspects. Not only because of an appearance with only minimal clothing.
"Sexy in the eye I was not there that vulgar. Sections are legion, there are sexy art, sexy smart, there are also works that sexy. Voice can also be sexy, not just from the clothes," said Meutia Cut

But according to Http :/ /
  "Sexy girl is not a girl wearing an open shirt, but the girl was not dressed to go to make a guy want to open" 


  1. berkunjung balik, hmm... liat dari profile mas, agak kurang relevan aja ya backgroundnya dengan blog yang dikembangkan.

  2. Sexy, and beautifull:) Happy Blogging!


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