story on: messages story of love part 2

Saturday, June 22, 2013

messages story of love part 2

I want to understand what I have to understand, I want to understand what I have to understand, I want to do what I have to do. But I never knew your heart I never knew the mind
Really ... There is still a sense of uncertainty in this heart, full bandage our wounds you end Togetherness without words
I cornered alone in Tortured screams disappointed and wondering what is left of our trip so far?
I never thought even crossed alone you leave on me without a word, without talking Leaving a million memories, a million meanings Meanings beautiful but tasted bitter
Now my heart is touched Putting the pieces back into a sense of longing Looked cast blank die picture beautiful face
If you know ... There's longing in my silence ...
To my love "hopefully we met in the beautiful sacred bond"
And I'm not ready to go any further with you, then I love you in silence because they are one of my silence proof of my love for you I want to praise you, to not take illicit relationship that I did not want to ruin the sanctity and guard your heart
because my silence glorifies the sanctity of self and your heart because you love the person I might have are also those who have God chose for me
because of the power stored in the power of hope my silence until might hope God will make it come true love is silent until it can talk in real life is not God's servant will not decide who wished her expectations?
And if it is "the love of my silence" did not have the opportunity to speak in the real world let me remain silent
if he is not mine, by the time God would remove "the love of my silence" it by giving it a sense of a more beautiful and the right people
and I let the "love of my silence" into its own memory and a secret corner of my heart with my heart THE OWNER.

                                                                             From : Story On Love


  1. saya datang menyapa. wah postingnya menarik meski harus translite dulu
    hehe..maklum inggrisku payah bro

  2. .. Datang untuk kunjungan di blog sobat, sukses selalu dan mari kita jaga silaturahmi ..


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