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Thursday, June 13, 2013

stories about you can about us

The story of the pages we are always opened,
I write with blue ink - ink that always accompany my night,
just like you to be a friend in my life.

I write with heart and read while remembering that moment.
Fantasize, feel the movements you're doing at the time.
Trying to remember how to form a smile and when you smile forehead furrow.
Try fingering the time,
at the moment we embrace silence
and only two pairs of eyes that speak the language,
secret language between me and you.

Fingers by fingers do not stop to open and write on the sheets.
Open-open on the same page,
Convinced that the story about you and about us always tasted sweet

Miss, sometimes a bitterness while reading the story of us.
Screams like an unbearable disappointment.
Heart like a scratch incision.
Rancid, such as paper 60s.
But still do not feel bitter,
because of you are still sweet,
sweet as the story we have to taste the bitterness though.

Do not want to erase the story,
all I want is to keep writing about you ..
about us ..
I myself never really understand, you somehow gave me the inspiration to keep writing. first, write about you being my opium. do not force me to stop, because my fingers are still so fingers dancing lightly write everything that comes into my mind. and stupidly, the entire contents of my mind is, you


  1. makasih gan, atas kunjungannya di ^_^

  2. Thanks kunjungannya, keep writing and blogging, Success !

  3. artikel yang bagus dan bermanfaat gan. semoga tambah sukses selalu dan makin eksis blognya iy.

  4. Terima kasih atas kunjungannya, blog yang tepat untuk berbagi. Balas kunjungan

  5. Berkunjung diblog sobat, untuk berbagi dan membaca-baca artikel yang menarik, blog yang bagus banyak info didapatkan disini salam kenal


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