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Thursday, June 13, 2013

story in a cup of chocolate waiting

Heavy rains flushed my city. I curled up on the patio bench. There was still some hot chocolate in a cup that accompany my thoughts for a moment about a name. Who? Nobodies. Only she can release slowly thorn I accidentally stepped on some time ago. Yes, it's you
Hope you like the unattainable, sleepiness successfully gave birth to a dream. Perhaps prayer that has been echoed by the universe. Pending or may be sick for a while. The story of what you will write with me later?
Rain Instantly add volume and curl up getting me into. I'm afraid. Do not ever rely on someone, one day when he was no longer providing her shoulder, it will be more painful than you sad before. When you touch a piece of liver was cut this. You want to heal? or you open the wound dressings that have not dried it? Hey, why do I cry for you at this time. Really, I'm afraid of getting hurt again
Overcast slowly move away and leaving little rainfall. There is little peace here, hearts. There is little relief here. Whoever you are, this heart is hollow and you're in it. I do not need it that good-looking, do not need all the material and luxury world, because the magic is within you.
Thank you for waiting for me as far as this reckless. Thank you for letting me realize the error will be passed first. Thank you for making me cry my fear of what later. Thank you, for being interrupted tahajudku name last night. I wish I could know what way you think, I would have decided to keep trying or stop loving you now.
Daydream about you that slowly expands with rain away. I'm reserving the last sip of my chocolate. Let it remain in the cup. Seek ye. My hand pieces are already there willing to save you.

Hey. Do not let the chocolate cool to wait for you to convince me

This article from someone who calls himself love 

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