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Friday, May 10, 2013

buy miss

Breezy wind moves slowly, greeting ketapan leaves of hedge beside my house. Branches could not stop shaking as if the rhythm pounded leaves breeze. Up and down, and stir here and there so beautiful. As if, it is a form of prayer beads to the creator. Never known a time, day or night. If only the wind to come say hello, the leaves begin to show cheerfulness. But it was not me who was sitting down in a chair porch. Just sad and lonely. Also never know the time, such as wind lapping ketapan leaves at will.I really like live alone in this world. Deserted. Starting from the mother died in an accident two months ago. Both his legs were broken, and his head hit a hard object and suffered a concussion. Doctors said at the time, if she can no longer be saved. Serious head wound. Even if the mother recovered her legs had to be amputated.Since then, just me and dad who live in this house. But, whatever the meaning of life, when it should be quiet dogged day and night without a mother's love. Erna Unlike my classmates, who always accompanied her mother to and from school every day. Erna has told me, that the mother and father so dear to him. His parents always asked her to go out of town on vacation, shopping, to the library, eat dinner together and many more things that make me jealous with the situation sometimes have.Besides me and my father, there was another who stayed with us. His name bik Sumirah. I used to call bik Sum. He was only three weeks stay in this house as a maid. Sum Bik itself is actually a hapless woman, who was almost traded. He never even got to Japanese inedible because someone enticements. He said he was promised work abroad with high salary. Apparently, it was all a lie. Instead, he will serve as prostitutes in Japan. Somehow the story, one day he was able to escape and return home safely. But, I'm not so interested in the story of his life. Even so, I am grateful for buk Sum coming with me at dinner.While the father himself, was so busy with his business. Leave early and come home evening. Even my father never came home the morning only to change his clothes alone, and then passed away. That father. The only place I lean my parents have been super busy the human family. He did not even have time to eat at the same table with her. Moreover, just drove me to school.In fact, my father used to be just a meatball vendors in the market with an average gain of 50 thousand per day. At that time, he still had plenty of time for me. A year later the father expanded its business into the electronic device. But not for long. Because, the cost for maternal care when the accident was not a little time. Business was mortgaged. So dad had to pioneer the business from zero again in the field of property. That father, a hard worker and did not seem to complain. But, lately he changed. Often angry without cause. I no longer pay attention. And that makes me sad.The days were, my legs are so heavy to move school, usually bik Sum was the one who often drove while leaving spending. But he is more often drove up at a traffic course, fits in the vegetable stalls mother Mansur. After that I'll just have down the dusty road, to get to school. Understandably Sum bik least be absent, if the stall was already there Yem bik, bik Ijah, mbok Asri, and aunt Susie. Sum Bik obliged to commenting on what the topic of their conversation while selecting-sorting vegetables. Typically ranging from theme celebrities, disaster, balls, parties, up to the bank problems Century did not escape from their conversation. Sometimes so much fun chatting, they'd forgotten time. To the extent that their employers to the following stalls Mansur mother, angrily. Inevitably they had to rush home, to forget to pay the groceries.I heard a story that bik Sum, just smiled. When it comes times like that. Grief can slight soluble. I like finding the mother's face in the face bik Sum. Always at the end of the story he season with the advice that I study hard, not a lot of play, diligent saving and should be jaunty, like a mother who used to tell me.After school, I got home was quiet. Hunger that had bothered my stomach, instantly lost. Foods with a versatile side dishes were not touched. My appetite was already gone, carried away lonely still lodged in my heart.***Tonight, no amount of rice that goes in my mouth cavity. I try to drive out anxiety with the living room sitting in a chair, reading a comic Naruto. While bik Sum already had been lulled into a dream in his room. With light that is so bright, approximately ten pieces already sold I read. Although my thoughts, at least I get to spend time while waiting for dad home. Because I have asked him for money for my needs tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you rely on the savings of the rest of the pocket money that I collect saj, still not enough."Kreeekkk ..." The sound of a door opening. Men who look skinny with a frog wearing a hat on his head, stepped inside. His hands carrying a black bag that is not too big."Just got home, Dad?" My Sapa closing Naruto comic at hand.There is no answer. The figure trudged down the hall to his room. He seemed exhausted. Maybe his mind was crowded with business affairs office, and to the point to speak only as can not. I thought like that.Waiting for the right time to ask for money from him is a whole hog that difficult. I taku he offended and angry at me. But will I try to convey my intent to be fine. And not long after he went back to the living room, and slams her ass on the couch. He looked at me."Dad ... Dad ..! Lisa me ask you something? I asked with a smile."Hmmm .... want to ask me? He replied with a heavy tone."Father ... How much profit Dad for an hour in the office? ""That does not concern you! Why are you asking me that? "Dad voice began to rise."Lisa just want to know why, well ..! Please my father could tell Lisa, how much profit Dad for an hour in the office? 'I began to woo her."20 thousand an hour. Why want to know? "Ask him again."Oh ... 20 thousand?" Account bowed down, and again said, "Father .. Lisa should not have asked for 10 thousand of my father? "Father began to show anger expression and said, "Oh, that's why you ask the father gains? You want to buy anything with the money? Ask to 10 thousand? Want to buy toys again? Father tired of work to earn money, you even love-love spending . Already! Going into the room and sleep! Already at how much ya? " The father's voice rising.I paused and slowly headed to the room in fear no matter what he says next. I closed the bedroom door shut, I turn off the lights. I sat in the corner of the room. Terhenyuh my heart. There unnoticed crystal clear flowing from my eyes. Seemed to translate my grief.Dad was still sitting on the couch. I wonder what he has in mind. Approximately 1 hour later, pushed my door. I was scared and surprised. Lest my father would yell at me again. I got scared when the lights suddenly lit up. The figure approached. Getting closer. I'm getting down, hugging my two blades that shiver of fear."You really need 10 thousand? Nah .. this take this!" Dad took out a red money. I immediately got up and smiled excitedly."Thank you so much, Dad!" I picked up the pillow and pulled out a dollar bill crumpled 10 thousand are already squeezed by a pillow. When the father saw the money, his face turned red again."Why do you ask for money again, while you are there that much money? And from where do you get the money? "I bowed and crying again. Not daring to look at dad's face. Clutching a sum of money that I explain. "Money is Lisa collect from school pocket money which my father gave every day. Lisa asked for another 10 thousand with dad, because Lisa's lack of money. ""Lack of money to buy anything else?" She snapped.I wept say, "Dad .... now Lisa has no money of 20 thousand. Nah .. Dad take this money. Lisa would like to buy an hour of time in father's office. Lisa wanted Dad to come home early tomorrow. Lisa would miss dinner with Dad. "Dad suddenly stoops down, and hugged me tightly. I accidentally saw a line of lymph flow in the corner of his eye.

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