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Friday, May 24, 2013

how can the dollar from microworker

Microworker is one of the world class advertising site. Microworker, consists of two words ie = Mini and Micro Worker = Workers. When combined into a mini workers, for workers or workers who are often called, can complete a variety of jobs (jobs) which is provided by © through Microworker.

One of the jobs provided are PTS (Paid to SignUp), for those of you who like completing job-job PTS then you will definitely love Microworker, unlike other PTS difference here is that in addition to keeping the Advertiser her Microworker also keep the Workers (diff at other similar sites, where an average of only keeping the Advertiser her), which if we're doing the required (mis.PTS) and the Advertiser does not pay us then Microworker will give a penalty against the Advertiser then we will be manually credited by Microworker , I've experienced it twice for playing with Microworker about a month ago, and this is what caused me stick with Microworker.
As an Advertiser, we can create the jobs that might be able to increase the Page Rank, Traffic, or even we can increase sales of our products. We may ask for proof of work completed by workers and here Microworker will also provide penalties for rogue workers who give false evidence. So as a worker, you should choose a job that can really be done well and thoroughly.
Payment of any job are huge, the minimum payment we can get is $ 0.1 simply by completing the work very easy, for example, visiting a website then leave a comment on the article sites, follow his Twitter people, and others, for more details, the following picture that I took directly from the Microworker site.

ü  Visit my website + Comment - minimum $ 0.10
(Visiting + Comment on Advertiser sites - paid $ 0.10)
ü  Follow my Twitter - minimum $ 0.10
(Follow on Twitter Advertiser - paid $ 0.10)
ü  Simple sign up (2 fields) - minimum $ 0.10
(Sign up on the website, is simple - paid $ 0.10)
ü  Complex Sign up - minimum $ 0.15
(Sign up on the website, more rumi - paid $ 0.15)
ü  Digg my page - minimum $ 0.10
(Doing digg Advertiser on site - paid $ 0.10)
ü  Text link to my website - minimum $ 0.20
(Provide textlink to Advertiser site - paid $ 0.20)
ü  Simple links on your site - minimum $ 0.25
(Provide BackLink to Advertiser site - paid $ 0.25)
ü  etc
There are many more types of jobs that can be completed by the worker, which I think is pretty easy to do.

Withdrawal of money can be made by PayPal, AlertPay, Check, Moneybookers, and others. You need to have a balance of $ 9 for can make a withdrawal. If you are diligent in completing the work, maybe $ 9 can be reached in less than 2 weeks. And one more that I have not mentioned above, after we signed up, we will be given a bonus of $ 1.40 directly by Microworker ... Wow. And to maintain the security and comfort of the user should, Microworker set "Only one per-IP/Proxy Account". I think this site is really promising and generate dollar is no longer a problem. What is your comment?


  1. Terima kasih atas artikel dan gambar menariknya. Semoga menjadi inspirasi buat kita semuanya. Salam kunjungan dari blog

  2. Saya hanya bisa menyimak dulu. Saya baru mengenal tentang microworker dari blog ini. Terimakasih.

  3. INFO steady, useful once, try it first yes.

    Always successful greetings ...

  4. info yang sangat bagus dan menarik
    salam blogger

    1. perhaps I'll be do this job. at present, I'm enjoying my sensation of great job, hehe

  5. Realy...Great post and nice shot :)

  6. this is great articels

    Kunjungan Rutin Malam Sobat, Saya Tunggu Kunjungan Baliknyaa..... :D

  7. kunjungan balik sob..salm kenal aja

  8. saya menikmati lagunya dulu...

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  11. sangat inspiratif. semoga tambah baik blognya dan luar biasa. amin

  12. Hahaha... Nice info. Thanks for visiting my website at but honestly, I can't understand english well. *still trying to understand*

  13. kunjungan perdana... asyik lagunya dan nyaman blognya.. postingan yang bagus dan informatif... lam kenal n sukses selalu...

  14. Interesting post! :)


  15. kunjungan balik,

    terima kasih artikelnya

  16. apakah ini scam? saya masih belum percaya nih.

    1. terimakah masbro atas kunjungannya.
      untuk masalah scam saya yakin kan tidak sebab saya melakoni dunia blogging bukan baru melainkan sejak tahun 2009
      hanya saja blog saya yang beralamat di lagi rehat saya mau menjalankan blog english version dulu

  17. artikel yang berguna banget buat pemula seperti saya, jadi tambah wawasan
    thanks gan, salam kenal


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