story on: The Most Beautiful Gift I've Ever Had

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Most Beautiful Gift I've Ever Had

Looking at your laughter
Hear you humming
Clearly visible in my eye
Color - color of your beauty

staring step
Lamenting the story of your life
Clearly illustrated that the heart
Grace the loveliest I've ever had

Your nature nan Till We Meet Again
Relieve ambition
Pull my mistake
Of withered flowers

When you're by my side
Back cheerful world
Point out that you
Grace the loveliest I've ever had

Gently caress your finger
Cool face-to-face
Warm hugs and promise


  1. How lovely :) Thanks for visiting me the other day.


  2. i like this article. but, what you story in love....

    1. hi bro... where are you....
      just fiktif

  3. thank you for visit back to mang yono

  4. Blogwalking and good night friends :D

  5. Amazing word!

  6. Thanks for your kind words.
    Best wishes

  7. Great post :)

  8. this is so beautiful <3


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