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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

me and ilusion, why...

me         : I was never happy for you "That said your lips"
Ilusion   :…..
Me         : You deny every thing we nurture
Ilusion   : …..
Me         : Have you ever felt the distance between us now feels much ..?
Ilusion   :
Me         : Once you know her
Ilusion   : …..
Me         : I do not believe the beauty of love How can you decide we
Ilusion   : ….
Me         : You go with your promise that you've denied
Ilusion   :…..
Me         : Half of My Soul Went

"My true love"
But not like this, you betrayed this heart, you cheated me

Me         : Have not you realized that you hurt I am
Ilusion   : ….
Me         : It is not for this beautiful ....
Ilusion   : very, but must end
Me         : why…
Ilusion   :....

God, help me my love Abolish Although I also do not want to be happy with him
God help me who are heartbroken once my new one natural
God apparently think it is sore
True what they say
I never thought what I think turned out not the same as what he feels
It's my body could not hold back my soul tuk who flew with him
I beg God breathed the breath of love to my corpse that has been dead
May (now) I have to accept all
Praise be to Allaah true love just in love


  1. You have an amazing blog! Thanx for your comment shall we follow? let me know xse

    1. thank you sweety for visit back to my heart


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