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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Work on Elance

Definition In Indonesian, freelance has meaning free, and people called Freelancer Freelance. Works like a freelancer (freelancers) is fun, because it has no connection with the company or not bound by the rules.

What is Elance?
Elance is a website that brings the giver freelance and hire workers or international in scope. To join a free elance, since this is an international scope are expected to have the ability to speak English even though it is passive. Many jobs are available in elance such as: design, multimedia, data entry, translate, IT, etc.. And the requirement for getting the job was simple enough that sufficient advance the proposal to the employer (hire), determine the payment you want, and please wait for a call from the employer. But you also have to compete with other freelancers.

How it Works Elance

Elance is the best way to get a job online.
Find high-quality expert. Manage online work. Pay only for results. Every day thousands of businesses choose Elance as an easy and effective way to get their work done. Find out why Elance is the leading marketplace for online talent.

Elance Tour
Elance provides a direct way, cost-effective and flexible to hire, manage and pay independent

professionals and contractors online.
Companies utilizing the talents of skilled Elance to distribute their work, using Elance professionals to meet the needs of clients, stay independent and get paid to give good results.

Who's Using Elance
Elance offers companies a fast, flexible, effective way to access because of the experience of skilled talent and tested.

Why Elance?
"Today, a special site for freelancers acts as an intermediary for all types of business services.'s Called 'Elance' and has quite a following."
"Elance provides skill testing, online interviews and references from previous employers. When freelancers take work, Elance holds the payment in escrow until the work is satisfactorily completed."

"Elance connects businesses and freelancer but more than that.'s Also set up a relationship through the actual posting of the job, payment and feedback".
 Elance is a site that housed the job seeker and an expert searcher. Suppose you as a web designer, please write an article about your design there, and in the possible articles you can buy by the search experts listed in elance.

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Please join and collect the total dollar you Want
Good luck


  1. elance this good. why...
    bacause i tray

  2. Assalamu'alaikum,, Kunjungan tengah malam sobat.. salam sukses slalu yua!!!


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