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Saturday, May 18, 2013

the story of a smoker

Ten years ago, I married a young man knew that he was a smoker without the smoke ... even though he was a resourceful and have good manners. He also maintains his prayer, which made me love him. It's just that I have felt tremendous torment caused by his smoking habit. Foul smell spreads in the body and clothes. I tried so that he can leave the bad habit, and he always promised me. But he always put off and put off ...
This condition continued until I was getting irritated. He smokes anywhere: in the car and at each place. Until I thought of asking for a divorce because of his smoking habit ...

Several months later, God gave me a child; something then stop me to ask for a divorce. Our children suffer from lung disease. Doctors say that the cause is the habit of people around him, especially his father who smoked beside him ... But my husband never quit his smoking habit.
One night, I woke up from my sleep because my voice is so loud cough due to lung. I woke up crying over the situation and also how I was doing. I finally determined to put an end to this problem any price I must pay. But a voice from within me suddenly said:

"Why do not you go back to God??"
I stood up and ablution. I pray. I pray to God to help me for the calamity and give guidance to my husband to leave the smoking habit ...

I decided to wait.
On one night, we went to see a relative we were sick in the hospital. After we came out of our time dwindled and headed to the car park, my husband started smoking again. I also reiterate my prayers that night. And not far from our car, I saw a doctor who is looking for his car in the parking lot. Suddenly, he approached my husband and said:
"Brother, I since 7 o'clock this morning with a team of doctors trying to save the life of a victim of this accursed cigarettes because of lung cancer! He's the same age as you are young, and he had a wife and several children!
I wish you could come with me now to see how suffering from the disease ... If you look at the condition of the child and his young wife in a nearby ... If you can taste their tears when every time they are asked about their father's condition ... If you feel what is also he felt when he was in the ICU, when he saw his children crying, you will see the tears in the oxygen mask he was wearing ...
I finally allowed his children to visit him because I know through experience that in a few hours he will die unless God wills other. Then if only you knew how he wept like a child because of her condition and realizing how the crisis that he would say goodbye to the country for the afterlife! Do you want to be like he used to be able to feel the danger of cigarettes? O my brother, do you still have a heart? Did not you have a wife and kids? To whom would you leave them? Are they not more valuable than a cigarette that serve no purpose at all except to cause disease ... "
Beneath the coupled gold faints the painless catalog
My husband and I listened to the sentences. And not long after, my husband immediately throw his cigarette. Then the good doctor told him: "Do not let it just ado ... Be serious and seriously sugguh intent to leave, then you will look at life and happiness!"
He then went to his car. Then my husband opened the car door, I then threw myself into a chair and suddenly tears burst. I was not able to cover my feelings, I could not control myself. And I kept crying as if I'm the wife of a poor man soon died it ...
As for my husband, he just kept silent. He could not turn his car except a few moments later ... He thanked the good doctor. "How well the doctor ..." The night was to be the end of the story with his smoking habit. I also commend and thank the good doctor. I pray in my prayers every. Since that day, our lives become so bright. And I will continue to pray for him ...
From this incident, I learned about the power of a prayer to change a condition. I learned about the power of patience. I learned that God will give guidance to whom He wills. I also have learned about the sincerity of the doctor who had played his part well in the car park. According to you all, if everyone run this job with such sincerity, how many problems will be solved? Kemungkaran how much will be lost? But the problem is that most doctors, teachers and staff do their jobs just for the sake of salary only. This is causing setbacks and weaknesses in medicine and education. And this also causes errors that kept piling up.

Source :  Shafa Publika


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