story on: You Present (again)

Monday, June 17, 2013

You Present (again)

you are (ever) colonize the country itself
You remember the first time we meet, the first time it collided wild eyes, the first time a simple smile tugging, shaking hands first - fill in the blank with your finger between your fingers, the first time our minds fantasize. Hah, I was lucky creature!

My breath, my pace, my heart beating, I said - all stopped for a moment when God showed me how He creates incredible creatures like you.

Beat of the soul that is present in like a cannon being fired in the direction of a stationary pole. Then the pole was shaking and collapsed.

My breathing is no longer perceived as. Could no longer on the handheld. Dead. I'm dead. Lost my breath, due to charm a forced entry into the heart, pierced in so sick and really made an impression.

Your color hue still often arise in my silence. Often disturbing confusion, I am aware of the classic fairy tale, and took me back to the real world. Ahh, you often hit me!

Hey, you!
Yeah, you over there! Which is again studying for an exam tomorrow!
Space is still a major obstacle, but what about the future? We have to handle it well. We won this time, dear. We do not need to worry, we are still in the soul of the body, although not together.

From the beginning I was not very good at stringing words romantic. Not good at making exotic. But here's a simple arrangement of paragraphs that I created for you. As proof that I still remember every second of that (ever) we spent together even though not many.

Remember, a simple lyric from one of the bands in the past that we both enjoy doing. Whose music we often sang together in the presence of the guards liver.
Hear your voice, that's the spirit.
Hadirmu feel, like an angel beside me.
You smell kiss, that's my favorite.
Looking at you, like seeing my future.


  1. I love this film from animation! :)

    it's pleasure :)

  2. Nice post!!! thank you so much for your comment!
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  3. .. hmmm there were times when I was fascinated, amazed when visiting a blog or website because that will add insight and knowledge I course. thanks for nice post ..


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