story on: complained to the rain

Sunday, May 26, 2013

complained to the rain

A boy complained to the rain
My chest bone is incremented by one, he said
Yesterday at dusk just counted
Perhaps the calculation is wrong whispered rain

Why do not you ask mom
Mother was gone, When I say hello to the world
he muttered in broken hearts

Do not ask about the father, he replied,
Because daddy has to go some where
Even when I was still in the womb
Increasingly sad heart

Rain looked sad
The boy let it rain caressing her naked
Back calculated bones
Who show pride in her little body  


  1. visit and follow me back :D

  2. waduh gak faham artinya.
    butuh google translate..

  3. last poem is it "her" ..but should it be "he"??
    sorry if i made some mistake understood it..

  4. nyimak sob sp tau artinya :D

  5. Jadi kangen masa kecil saat ulang sekolah ujan2an :)

  6. this exspresson looks like poetic sadness of a child's

  7. Jadi ke ingat masa kecil dulu.

    Keren puisinya.

    Salam sukses selalu...

  8. susah sikit mahu faham poem nya..hehe

  9. ini kisah sdih apa gimana ya gab? :D


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