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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Story on About it and my mind

Sea :
silence in itself, was reminded of the words spoken, though not bound ..
Whether what we feel, unutuk each other just could not .. I wonder what awaited, or anticipated ..
Enchanted moment of you in my soul, my mind flown niches .. in the dark loneliness, I miss your voice ..
"I wanted to be a marine who always accompany the sky in every joys and sorrows. Faithful I want see the sky though far distance there .. want to keep adoring from afar .. and the sky it was you .. "
Sky :
"I will give my best orange at dusk, O my sea ..every evening we would meet through the wind that touches your water ripples and clouds paraded me .. "
"Tell me that someday we will meet. At that time we will again remember this story that may later be forgotten .. promise me waiting until I was there and greet you in your real ..
wait till me and you are no longer able to dream about tomorrow .. "
Sky :
"If I wait, will you also be waiting for me?, And do not touch the wind charm certainly easier you meet the above gelombangmu, O sea?? "
Sea :
"So a lot of charm lure the soul desires. Faces and beautifully illustrated nature .. give careful trap ..I would either roar of the waves and calm with it or shut up beneath you, the sky orange .. "
Sky :
"O my sea, announcing you?? Was reflected clearly in my beautiful blue heart ..! When you're enamored wind, I would know it, and I will do the same to you. "
Sea :
"Whisper in my ear, tell me you love me so that I can be proud of in the world .. and tell me about the waves are running .. I'll let the winds that pass
that they bring my happiness story to the world .. "
"Harum wind blowing throughout the body, bind every crevice .. Although it can seem so close, but did not appear ..
I can smell the scent until all the ribs ..but .. not at all met sosokmu in it .. "
Sky :
"........." (silence did not answer)
Sea :
"Tonight increasingly want to move away .. Go to sleep my angel face .. before mastering the morning sun ..
sleep until a beautiful dream with you .. Wake up tomorrow, hope there is happiness there .. "


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