story on: still at heart

Saturday, June 22, 2013

still at heart

Should I never understood how you are always wrong in your eyes ..
Are there feelings ...
I tried beautiful in your eyes, sometimes it was not my idea
I did it for love ..

Surely I could never live without certainty of love.
"should be how to convince you, while your heart is not for me ..
Should survive love, while your heart was never for me "

I was the same with him that you love wholeheartedly.
Let you go without a sense of

Go away from me

I can not believe you did this ...
I wanted to kill him ..
The pain me, you fuck with him .... In front of me!!

"How satisfied are you, crush me? Keep your forgiveness, your sins enjoy. Have you gone mad, betrayed in love .. Go away from me"


While it slow me realize, you are indeed the best.
Love is the most understood what makes me cry.
Although you are far away, know when you will return.
Tightness in the chest crying, knows when you'll be back

"months bring my love to him, whisper I will faithfully awaits him. Months though I could not express, warm at heart & love for me"
maybe if god unite, we will be together. I begged God to you, a time I expressed this

All I want

I often think to fatigue
nevertheless did not I find a way out
if it is not this, it's over
because I do not want my time wasted

do not push it, if this is not the
because something sensitive, we create a problem

what I want you there, but not like this situation, what I want is always with you,
if god willing this way, change all so what I want, because I want all goes as I want

More Than Beautiful

..... The hearts trembled at the thought of you ......
..... Maybe this self unseen by you, I understand it .....

How can I make you know that you're more than beautiful on the inside. ..
Through this song I want you to understand, I love you .. I want to be with.

..... Although I never knew when you understand it, I try tuk hope ...

I Keep Waiting

Although you are not mine, but my heart is still for you.
Millions of options right there by my side can replace you ..
Although the storm hit, it does not love me loose.
Give a chance to prove me able to be the best, and still be the best

I will be waiting, although they had a long wait, I will remain faithful waiting. I know you're just for me. Let my time by waiting it out, until you believe how much I love you, I keep waiting


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    Do you write these yourself?
    Hope you do great xx


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